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Product #80550048

Waxed wood cutlery set, 3 pieces, 160mm

Waxed wood cutlery set, 3 pieces, 160mm
Waxed wood cutlery set, 3 pieces, 160mm

End of life : Compostable

Material : Waxed wood

Certificates : EN-13432

Features : Renewable resources, Responsibly sourced, Single-use plastics directive

Product #80550048

Waxed wood cutlery set, 3 pieces, 160mm

Material : Waxed wood

€15.96 / 100 pieces

incl. VAT

€13.19 / 100 pieces

excl. VAT


A wrapped 3 piece set of wood cutlery, an ideal choice as your replacement to plastic cutlery prohibited by the single-use plastics directive from July 2021. This cutlery set includes a fork, knife and napkin and is fully compostable where industrial composting facilities exist.

About this product:

Sometimes people can be put off wooden cutlery by the taste and feel, for that reason our wood cutlery comes with a very thin layer of natural wax in order to prevent any unwanted taste or mouthfeel. We hate to state the obvious but hygiene has been at the top of everyone's agenda recently, this is why we offer a range of individually wrapped cutlery. With our individually wrapped cutlery your customer can be at ease over cleanliness. "But is wrapping the cutlery sustainable?" we hear you ask... Of course we have used fully recyclable paper to wrap our cutlery. Ultimately the impact of the paper wrapper is lower than the amount of unwrapped cutlery you have to dispose of if they get contaminated or fall on the floor. We understand accidents happen, but you can limit that with our wrapped range of cutlery. This set includes a fork, knife and napkin. Do you require all 3 of these items to serve your meals? Can you ensure your customer will use all 3? If not then we recommend you opt for the individual items to prevent wasteage and the throwing away of unused items.

Features wrapped cutlery set:

  • Strong, sturdy and smooth
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Compostable
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Suitable for both hot and cold applications


  • Cutlery: Waxed birch wood
  • Napkin: Brown tissue paper
  • Wrapping: Recyclable paper

Certifications and legislation:

  • Compostable
  • Single-use plastics directive compliant


Colour: Brown
Fork: 160 mm
Knife: 165 mm
Packaging size: 205 x 58 x 10 mm
Napkin size: 200 x 200 mm

Available in volumes of:

100 individually wrapped compostable cutlery sets
500 individually wrapped compostable cutlery sets

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Renewable resources
Renewable resources
Responsibly sourced
Responsibly sourced