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Product #80550024

Wrapped paper straw, black, 200x6mm ø

Wrapped paper straw, black, 200x6mm ø
Wrapped paper straw, black, 200x6mm ø

End of life : Compostable

Material : Paper

Certificates : EN-13432, No fizz

Features : Renewable resources, Responsibly sourced, Single-use plastics directive

Product #80550024

Wrapped paper straw, black, 200x6mm ø

Material : Paper

€5.07 / 250 pieces

incl. VAT

€4.19 / 250 pieces

excl. VAT


Our wrapped paper straw, made from renewable resources and fully compostable according to the EN13432 certification. Not only a hygience choice but an ideal replacement for the plastic straws banned by the single-use plastics directive.

About this product:

We know a big drawback of the paper straw is sogginess, that's why our responsibly sourced straw is made from 4 layers meaning it is stronger than your average paper straw, so less susceptible to going soggy. We hate to state the obvious but hygiene has been at the top of everyone's agenda recently, this is why we offer an individually wrapped paper straw. You can put your customers mind at ease over hygiene and you don't have to worry about your stock being contaminated or dropping on the floor. So an ideal choice at food trucks, events and other high traffic areas.

Features wrapped paper straw:

  • 4-layers
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Compostable
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Doesn’t make drinks fizz and go flat quickly


  • Paper, no lining
  • Recyclable paper wrapping

Certifications and legislation:

  • Compostable according to EN13432
  • Single-use plastics directive compliant
  • BPA free
  • 3-MCPD free
  • Moah-Mosh free
  • No fizz


Colour: Black
Size: 200 x 6 mm ø

Available in volumes of:

250 compostable straws
1000 compostable straws

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Alternatively, read more about our commitments to responsible sourcing.


Renewable resources
Renewable resources
Responsibly sourced
Responsibly sourced


No fizz
No fizz