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Product #80550080

RPET insert cup 95mm ø

RPET insert cup 95mm ø
RPET insert cup 95mm ø

End of life : Recyclable

Material : Recycled PET

Features : Recycled resources

Product #80550080

RPET insert cup 95mm ø

Material : Recycled PET

€6.04 / 100 pieces

incl. VAT

€4.99 / 100 pieces

excl. VAT


The rPET insert cup is made from 51% recycled PET resources and widely recyclable at local recycling facilities. Since our insert cup can be placed in regular recycling bins, the rPET used in our 95mm insert cup is an ideal solution if composing facilities are not readily available.

About this product:

Our rPET insert cup is the ideal one-serving solution for your customer’s desserts, yoghurt packaging, food with sauces, juices and more. Our transparent insert cup fits easily inside the cup for display and transportation, and it is easily removed for consumption.

Features insert cup:

  • Responsibly sourced
  • Made from min 51% recycled resources
  • Suitable for cold applications
  • Contain minimum of 51% rPET
  • Strong, sturdy with well fitted lid
  • Leak-proof


  •  rPET min 51% (recycled plastic)

Certifications and legislation:

  • Carries certification of recyclability
  • Single-use plastics directive compliant


Colour: Transparent

Size: 95mm

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Recycled resources
Recycled resources