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Product #80550010

Waxed wood teaspoon, 110mm

Waxed wood teaspoon, 110mm
Waxed wood teaspoon, 110mm

End of life : Compostable

Material : Waxed wood

Certificates : EN-13432

Features : Renewable resources, Responsibly sourced, Single-use plastics directive

Product #80550010

Waxed wood teaspoon, 110mm

Material : Waxed wood

€2.41 / 100 pieces

incl. VAT

€1.99 / 100 pieces

excl. VAT


A responsibly sourced wood teaspoon, an ideal choice as your replacement to the plastic spoons prohibited by the single-use plastics directive from July 2021. Our teaspoon is perfect for serving your teas, coffees or hot chocolates and is fully compostable where industrial composting facilities exist.

About this product:

Our responsibly sourced compostable waxed birch wood teaspoon comes with a thin layer of wax. Usually a big drawback of wooden cutlery is the taste and feel, this is why we opted for a thin coating of wax, in order to prevent any unwanted taste or mouthfeel.

Features waxed wood teaspoon:

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Compostable
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Suitable for both hot and cold applications


  • Waxed birch wood

Certifications and legislation:

  • Compostable
  • Single-use plastics directive compliant


Colour: Brown
Size: 160 x 24 x 1.4 mm

Available in volumes of:

100 compostable teaspoons
5000 compostable teaspoons

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Renewable resources
Renewable resources
Responsibly sourced
Responsibly sourced